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Dugo očekivani povratak dragog maestra :) dancing hours 2-12am admission: 2-4 = 20 4-6 = 30 6-9 = 40 9-12=20 TimeTable 2-5 Mradar b2b M M 5-8 phillipe 8-12 Ana Antonova PHILLIPE (CFSN / Illectricity Festival / phillitchevanje / Frühstück) phillipe is part of confusion – an association based in Croatia and set on promoting audio-visual arts. Confusion (CFSN) was formed fourteen years ago when a couple of loyal friends with a clear vision, some money and a bunch of motivation went off to promote breakbeat and drum&bass music along with visual arts in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. Soon enough, all their effort brought about a happy audience and their most popular event - Illectric funk became the biggest party of the sort in Croatia, attracting as much as 1200 people to the venues. As the growing audience wanted more, cfsn decided to start a festival of their own - Illectric Funk Festival which also presented the rarely heard types of electronic music and introduced the globally popular dubstep to Croatian clubbers for the first time. Illectric Funk Festival was renamed to Illectricity after three years, bringing some of the most creative and fresh artists today such as Rustie, Oneman, Solar Bears, Deadbeat, Machinedrum, Mary Anne Hobbs, Pearson Sound, Pablo Bolivar, Elektro Guzzi, Salva, Icicle, Rockwell, Eliphino, Jackmaster, Hot City, Jon Hopkins, Cooly G and Peverelist, to name a few. (www.vimeo.com/21349143 / http://vimeo.com/user2685828), (www.illectricity.com) phillipe spinned his records in many clubs and cities all over Croatia and Slovenia, and in Macedonia, Serbia, Graz, Leibnitz and Villach in Austria, Sarajevo, Praha, Sofia, Budapest, Istanbul, Wroclaw, Vienna... He has played at the biggest music & film festivals in this part of the Europe, such as EXIT an Share festivals in Serbia, MTV Valkana Beach fest, Lift festival/Sarajevo film festival, MAD In Belgrade, Broken Balkanz i Bulgaria, Elevate festival in Graz, Soundwave festival, Outlook festival, Dimensions festival, Unknown festival, Republika, Hideout festival, Motovun film festival, Festival Pomladi in Slovenia, InMusic festival in Zagreb, Atlantis Summer Challenge, Priredba, Seasplash Reggae festival, Input Fest, Zagreb Film Festival, ... He has shared the stage with the likes of LTJ Bukem i MC Conrad, Black Sun Empire, Martyn, Hot City, Optical, Teebee, Calyx, EZ Rollers, The Bug, Joker, Kode 9, Dub Pistols, Modeselektor, A Guy Called Gerald, DJ Krush, Mouse On Mars, and many more. His music interests have grown through the years, before arriving comfortably at a mixture of deep house, house, techno, bass, future garage, hip-hop, juke, trap, post dubstep, grime, 2step, garage, drum&bass, glitch hop, digital dancehall, RAVE, 80"s, 90's, and whatever adds to the confusion and makes you want to dance. phillipe's currently working as a project manager / PR for confusion & Illectricity and he has been coordinating a few other past projects / events such as Score* - snowboarding & music festival, european Energy Union, netherlands Roadworks project, and also developing the music program for the Jewish Film Festival, being a regional promoter for Soundwave and Outlook festival, slovenian Festival Pomladi and serbian EXIT festival. Two years ago he joined the Beat Busters collective (www.beat-busters.com), where he has been making and promoting their first digital releases on the upcoming Beat Busters label. Recently he has been spending most of his free time in his studio, working on music production (with releases on the Belgian Ice & Spice records and upcoming on the Beat Busters label) and sound design (NATO, Moth3r 3D studio, illectricity video made for MTV, and local visual artists and film producers). ANA ANTONOVA [Kvir'n'Bass] ~? Illectricity Festival 2015 Nucomer Winner ?~ Ana comes from a long line of musicians. Since an early age, she was introduced to music world by playing a classical guitar in music school. Despite her classical education, she shows an interest for electronic music somewhere around mid 90's. Considering diverse music scene of that time and the MTV influence, the range of bands that caught her ear go from Rage Against the Machine, Prodigy, Propelerheads, Underworld up to first „hard to get“ CD boxes released by Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi and Plastic CIty. After listening to one of the most famous „evergreens“ of electronic music, Laurent Garnier's Man with the red Face for the first time, she was completely blown away. She then decides to try out DJing herself and is performing since 2003. Till this day this is her favorite track. The variety of musical influences that shaped her taste can be seen to this day – when Antonova decides to play out a set, you can expect to hear a mashup of genres from selected deep house, UK garage, tech house to bangers that will take you sky - high. Ana is a part of Kvir'n'Bass festival crew. #Mradar je zapravo Mladar. Fran, pokretač Kotlovnica večeri u KSETu te organizator programa Nova Scena, u Pločniku. Njegovatelj housea, techna, acida, electra, uglavnom sve čemu je baza 4x4 ritam već 2 godine. Mladi DJ koji je svoj put utabao u KSETu koji se počeo ponovno približavati klubskoj glazbi. Originalno basist demo bendova po Zagrebu, najviše voli duboke i bezkompromisne zvukove koji dovode soundsysteme do maksimuma. #Ante_MM. Čovik s juga s adresom u Zagrebu. Kao DJ njeguje više glazbenih pravaca ,no ipak, ovom prilikom je u 4x4 izdanju. S Franom je rezident kolektiva ‘’Kotlovnica’’ iz KSETa, u kojem ugošćuju razna hrvatska DJ imena, u svrhu promocije house/tech glazbene kulture. Drum and bass vodama pliva u kolektivima ‘’Bipiem’’ i ‘’Rolanje’’, dok ljubav prema funk/breaks glazbi dijeli putem udruženja ‘’Dečki Pravy’’. Njegovu selekciju moglo se poslušati u KSET-u, Močvari, Klubu, Mastersu, Attacku, Pločniku i šire... Osim probiranja glazbenih numera, u sklopu sastava DrBonito bavi se produkcijom i stvaranjem instrumentalnih glazbenih kompozicija.


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