Headliner Week

subota, 22.7.2017. u 0:00 h

????Are you ready party people????? We are going into the second round this year at zrce.eu Headliner Week. The idea: Build your own custom Festival! You want to party 24/7? No problem! ?? You want to chill and hang out a few days? Just leave out the tickets for these days and save money! ?? ??It's up to you!?? Unbeliveable but the basic package already includes one of biggest Acts at Zrće Beach 2017: The one and only Don Diablo! On top you´ll get a spectacular show of Michael Feiner. You can upgrade your Festival ticket everyday! Every big club at Zrće Beach is on the team: Cocomo Club Novalja, DJ Mags top club list winners #39 Kalypso club @ Zrce beach, #14 Noa Beach Club and #9 Papaya club @ Zrce beach! We also have some nice extras planned for you: Partyboats, shuttle bus tickets or for those who like it a little bit more comfy, a taxi flatrate. The Full Line-Up will be announced step by step, and you can book ALL OF THEM! Because Headliner Week is basicially your own custom festival. Current Line-Up: ++ Don Diablo ++ ++ Headhunterz ++ ++ Timmy Trumpet ++ ++ DJ Antoine ++ ++ Michael Feiner ++


29.7.2017. u 0:00 h
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